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What Greenhouse Is Right for Me?

Find your perfect greenhouse!

Are you growing at a small or large scale?

Small scale best for hobbiests and feeding a small family.

Large scale for commercial users, feeding large groups or for greater variety of crops.

Mud Hub recommends: 

Pro Nursery Series

10 x 12 Greenhouse Kit

Mud Hub recommends: 

Master Gardener Series

12 x 20 Greenhouse Kit

Master Gardener Series

12 x (up to) 40 Greenhouse Kit

Do you want to easily garden all year long?

Mud Hub recommends: 

All Season +

Four Season Package

Mud Hub recommends: 

Tri Season

Three Season Package

Want to build it yourself or have us build it for you?

Mud Hub recommends: 

If you're looking for a DIY project, this option is for you!

We ship you all the components and include a list of additional materials needed to assemble your Mud Hub greenhouse.

Our detailed assembly guide and customer service makes your DIY project quick and easy.

Mud Hub recommends: 

Our team can build depending on the location of the project site.

Contact us as part of our free consultation to find out if Mud Hub can build in your area 

Mud Hub recommends: 

We will help connect you with an installer.

Mud Hub is expanding its network of installers throughout the United States. Please contact us and we will help you explore possibilities in your area.

If you already know a builder, handyman or landscaper, Mud Hub can connect with them to provide everything they will need to install your greenhouse.

How do you want to pay?

Mud Hub recommends: 

Standard installment plan

Paid upon placing order with us
Paid upon product installation
(or for Build It Yourself customers, we ship upon final payment) 100%

Mud Hub recommends: 

Extended Installment Plan

Paid upon placing order with us
Month 2 Payment

(for We Build It, we can build anytime after this payment is made)

Month 3 Payment
Paid upon product installation
(or for Build It Yourself customers, we ship upon final payment)
Ready to get started?