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Begin Your Greenhouse
Adventure Today

You: From Aspiring to Thriving Gardener!

Your search for a durable, affordable, and eco-conscious greenhouse is over. Start an exciting DIY project and build your dream greenhouse with Mud Hub!

What’s a Mud Hub Adventure?

Affordable. Easy. Fun. DIY.

We provide the core components and you hunt for the lumber and the Auxiliary Components from your local hardware stores, then you apply those DIY skills and show the Mud Hub whose boss by building it, and providing a home for your garden and a place of pride and tranquility for yourself!

Simple, Customizable DIY Greenhouse Kits For Homeowners, Educators and Professional Growers.

Worried About Complexity?

Assembly doesn’t have to be difficult with a greenhouse!
Let Mud Hub guide you through our simple installation.
You can do it!

Conquer Gardening Challenges

With Our Industry Leading Greenhouse Kits

Why a Mud Hub?

Wind Resistant

Critter Proof

All Season

No Permits

Raised Beds

Custom Sizes

The Greenhouse Adventure

We supply the core components, including our proprietary frame and key elements. We equip you with the guides and expert consulting to source the additional materials.

Together, we’ll embark on a DIY adventure, building a greenhouse that’s truly personalized!

Ordering as Simple as...


Free Consultation

Plan out your dream greenhouse project!


Order Online

Pay at once or in easy installments!


We Ship

Flat rate shipping nation-wide


Get Local Materials

Made easy with our order list and expert one-on-one advice


Hire or DIY Install

Build it yourself and get support, or let us build it for you!

Start Gardening!

Enjoy your custom Mud Hub Greenhouse!

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Tell us about yourself so we can understand your needs and get you a quote!

What comes with a Mud Hub Adventure Kit?

  •  Interior and exterior rafter to purlin cross-connectors
  • Single-swivel adjustable tees
  • Set screw couplings for 10’ and 12’ wide units; connector tubing for 24’ wide units.
  • Crank-swivel assemblies (for 4-season purchases)**
  • Velcro hook and loop ties
  • Wiggle wire and base track**
  • Hoops and struts (shipped to the site from vendor)
  • Snap clamps for exterior rafters**
  • Shade cloth

To complete design, owners provide the following:

*We can have these items drop shipped from vendors for the cost of materials and handling.

** Required for all-season units only.

  • Lumber
  • Top rail purlins
  • Emt roll-up bar**
  • 1 ¼” single flange hooks (found in electrical section of most stores)**
  • Poly Film**
  • Hardware cloth*
  • Weed barrier
  • Raised bed interior liner
  • Clear Sealer
  • Galvanized edging
  • Wood or metal screened door, hinges, latches and handles
  • Acrylic panel to fit over screen door panel**
  • Fastener: screws, self-tapping, bugle heads, bolts, nuts, washers
  • Vinyl coated hex mesh or optional chicken wire*
  • Ratchet straps and d-rings**