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She’s Doing It Herself! – With a DIY Greenhouse Kit

Meet Cindy M. She’s an interior designer, living in Corrales, New Mexico, who recently purchased one of Mud Hub Greenhouse’s 10’ x 20’ kits. Having a good knowledge of construction principles and processes has been helpful for both of us in making the assembly clear. But fear not, after completing 7 dozen of these wood greenhouse kits ourselves, we have ironed out the wrinkles and made it as easy as possible for anyone to put together our diy greenhouse kits successfully.  

Cindy M Assembly Progress

On arriving at her garden site with the rest of the materials needed to complete the unit, I was pleased but not surprised that she had followed our Assembly Guide to a tee. You can find the assembly guide here to get a general idea of how to Assemble a Mud Hub DIY Greenhouse Kit. Cindy’s raised beds were level from every angle. The 4 x 4’s were spaced properly to allow for the future door framing since this is a walk-in greenhouse. The extra temporary stakes and a 2 x 4 were put into place to ensure there would be no movement while assembling the remainder of this home greenhouse project.

Before ordering your Mud Hub Greenhouse kit, check with your HOA and permit authorities, if applicable, for compliance. There is a great chance you won’t have to go through a review process, but it seems to occur about 5% of the time. Remember, although these heavy-duty greenhouses are very durable, they are still considered temporary structures, as there is no digging or concrete involved, as you can see from the photo. The overhead structure and covers are supported by the raised beds themselves. These units are moveable if need be, making them flexible and durable greenhouses.

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