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When land in the valley below an uprising containing at least 55,000 rock carvings came available, Lynn Roeder jumped at the chance to purchase. Mesa Prieta was formed well over 3 million years ago by lava flows and is the largest petroglyph site in New Mexico. The valley, with rich loamy soil, is ideal for growing.

Lynn is a professional grower, among other talents, such as river guiding. Having had other greenhouses, we were flattered she chose ours for growing crops. Here she writes us:

“Seeds are sprouting in the greenhouse: peas, spinach, Asian greens, lettuces, claytonia, herbs, beet greens, leeks, radishes, carrots, and flowers. Gardeners should always inter-plant flowers for the joy they bring as well as the ecological benefits.The first tray of tomatoes spent their first day in the greenhouse yesterday.There’s been lots of wind but I’ve learned to “vent” the mudhub by opening up the north side. At night I use the leftover pieces of bubble wrap from moving here to make little covers for seedlings as the temps go below freezing at night. And I added a small heater/fan. I have zinnias coming up so want to protect them. I also have four corners tied down at night and for wind.

I’m grateful to have the greenhouse and appreciate you getting it done.”

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