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Ready, Set, Grow!

I received a message from a greenhouse prospect in Santa Fe wanting to know how soon I could look at their site. He described the area as steep and tight between a house and guest/work unit. He and his wife preferred a 12 x 20 all-season greenhouse, installed by Mud Hub. I advised that we would need a level site before work could begin.

The following day, a text and photo showed up on my phone of the owner on a bobcat leveling the area. Arriving at their home to check the size of the area, there he was, leveling the ground… sight, without the use of instruments.

As we began the project, we checked the level for accuracy and it was almost dead on. An orthopedic surgeon, Lee learned from his builder dad everything from rough grading to finish carpentry.

The site was tight, but it worked. During assembly, soil was delivered. Clearly, Lee and Iris, his wife, were anxious to get going with spring gardening.

As we leave a job-site, I sometimes forget something like a tool or extra component. This time, I forgot to take finish photos. So I returned 4 days later, to take some. As I peered into the doorway, I saw a completely furnished greenhouse with beds filled with soil and plant starts.

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