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Micro Farm Greenhouse Kit

24' Wide Model


Perfect for ambitious home gardeners, community gardens and micro farms
Designed for 4′-0″ wide perimeter raised beds provide enough growing area for seedlings and transplants.
Spacious 16′ open space great for in-ground planting, tool storage, or more raised beds
Each width is covered with a heavy-duty structure to support hanging plants, a lighting system and speakers.

Available in 24’ to 40’ lengths
Check Local Materials Chart for Total Price

What comes with a Mud Hub Adventure Kit?

  •  Interior and exterior rafter to purlin cross-connectors
  • Single-swivel adjustable tees
  • Set screw couplings for 10’ and 12’ wide units; connector tubing for 24’ wide units.
  • Crank-swivel assemblies (for 4-season purchases)**
  • Velcro hook and loop ties
  • Wiggle wire and base track**
  • Hoops and struts (shipped to the site from vendor)
  • Snap clamps for exterior rafters**
  • Shade cloth

To complete design, owners provide the following:

*We can have these items drop shipped from vendors for the cost of materials and handling.

** Required for all-season units only.

  • Lumber
  • Top rail purlins
  • Emt roll-up bar**
  • 1 ¼” single flange hooks (found in electrical section of most stores)**
  • Poly Film**
  • Hardware cloth*
  • Weed barrier
  • Raised bed interior liner
  • Clear Sealer
  • Galvanized edging
  • Wood or metal screened door, hinges, latches and handles
  • Acrylic panel to fit over screen door panel**
  • Fastener: screws, self-tapping, bugle heads, bolts, nuts, washers
  • Vinyl coated hex mesh or optional chicken wire*
  • Ratchet straps and d-rings**

Installment Payment Plans Now Available!

We partner with Affirm for all installment options.


Auxiliary items that need to be purchased separately in your local area in order to complete the kit.

Estimated Local Material Costs for 3 Season & 4 Season Options

Expect to budget within 15% ± of the below amounts, which vary depending on your local prices.

3 Season Greenhouse

24′ Model – $3,053
28′ Model – $3,364
32′ Model – $3,511
36′ Model – $3,800
40′ Model – $4,318

4 Season Greenhouse

24′ Model – $3,707
28′ Model – $4,032
32′ Model – $4,200
36′ Model – $4,605
40′ Model – $5,220

* Installation option available by Mud Hub Greenhouses within a 75 mile radius of Santa Fe, NM. Exceptions to be determined on a project basis, with cost factors for accommodations & travel. Kits include all covers, hoops, end struts, hardware cloth, weed barrier, plastic protective liner, fasteners, & connectors. Kits do not include large or breakable items that can be purchased locally and make no sense to ship, such as lumber, doors, metal emt & top rail, metal edging and sealer. Concise purchase lists are provided for kit purchasers and estimated to be 25% of the cost of kits. Check local pricing for exact amounts. All items except rolls of hex mesh, hoops and end struts and hardware cloth are shipped directly from Mud Hub Greenhouses. Other items are shipped from vendors to save on repetitive shipping costs for purchasers.

Additional information


3 Season 24' x 24', 3 Season 24' x 28', 3 Season 24' x 32', 3 Season 24' x 36', 3 Season 24' x 40', 4 Season 24' x 24', 4 Season 24' x 28', 4 Season 24' x 32', 4 Season 24' x 36', 4 Season 24' x 40'


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Installation Options

Order Base Kit > Get Local Materials > Assemble Kit

Hire Installer


Order online or by phone


Connect with an installer

How to find an installer


They assemble the kit


Fill beds with soil and crops

You Install


Order online or by phone


We ship the kit


You assemble the kit


Fill beds with soil and crops

Mud Hub Installs


Order online or by phone


On-site consultation


We deliver kit and materials


We assemble the kit


Fill beds with soil and crops


We ship to the continental United States at a fixed rate of $750 for the greenhouse kit itself. Please reference the assembly guide for your model on what locally sourced items you will need in order to complete the kit.

Your greenhouse kit will arrive in multiple shipments from the time of placing your order.

Shipment usually start arriving 2-3 weeks from time of order fulfillment. Order process starts upon receipt of payment, either through our website or a mailed check. This gives you time to level ground, import gravel, and procure local items in order for you to be ready to assemble.

Material List

Please refer to our assembly guide to see what items you will need to source locally.