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Durable Greenhouse / Minimal Maintenance: Many are frustrated by having to replace deteriorating raised beds and greenhouses that are falling apart or blowing away due to high seasonal winds

All-Season Garden:  Adapts to weather conditions & environmental factors: most gardens and greenhouses are not designed to withstand extreme temperatures, wind, hail, & critters, which vastly limit production

Sized for Good Growing Practices:  Ample space provided to crop rotation, complementary crops and experimentation with new crops possible.

Strength & Durability: Strong enough to support hanging plants for extra gardening space or shelving & ample coverage to accommodate creative lighting.

Savings/Return-on-Investment: Year-round opportunity to save money on fresh vegetables.

Additional Outdoor Space: Dining and entertainment capability.

Installation Options:  Comes with a comprehensive assembly guide, presenting an option to build-it-yourself & save money

And More: Increases property value with great curb appeal and support for other landscape features.

Gardeners, Landscapers & Contractors

Additional Services Available: Adds to arsenal of services landscape companies can offer clients, with the help of our Assembly Guide.

Market Expansion: Financing through grants, assisting non-profits such as schools & public garden opportunities.

Non-Profits & Schools

Outdoor Classroom:  For gardening topics such as biology, horticulture, vegetable growing, agronomy, plant pathology & integrated pest management.

Produce Resource Center for In-School Cafeterias: Taking pride in eating fresh food grown by students.

Low Maintenance: Making sure facilities departments are busy doing other things with more time growing and less time fixing. 

Not Just When It’s Warm Out: Useful as a learning facility even during cold winter months

Grant Qualifier: Sponsored & allocated by States & widespread home & garden outlets. Eligibility for STEM grant qualification is also possible 

Community Gardens

Community Gardens:  A shared experience in which everybody benefits. 

Activity Center:  For live-in communities & all forms of communal living.

Open Space: Integration into surrounding features of a multi-purpose development.

Grant programs are available through home and garden outlets and some State funding