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Our Greenhouse Kits

10’ Model

Available Options

3 Season

4 Season

Lengths up to 24'

12’ Model

Available Options

3 Season

4 Season

Lengths up to 40'

24’ Model

Available Options

3 Season

4 Season

Lengths up to 40'

The Better Way to do Vegetable & Herb Gardening

Our Greenhouse Kits make it easy! Start with a consultation, order your kit, let us help you with the installation, and start growing fresh, organic food!

More room = more food production

Relative to competing kits

Our Gardeners


Perfecting the gardening lifestyle at home!


Educate students in our outdoor gardening classroom!


Low profile, high production approach to growing organic food and herbs.


Build stronger communities by introducing a teamwork philosophy to growing food.


Giving occupants a new perspective on life, greater mental health and new careers.

& More!

Mud Hub builds greenhouse kits to suite a wide variety of markets and use cases, from small scale and hobbyist growers to large scale and professional growers.

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Get the best of both worlds with a Mud Hub Greenhouse Kit

Basic Kits

Low cost but often lacking in gardening essentials and quality.

Commonly lacking in the quality and features necessary to make successful gardening easy to get into, and installation options are limited.

Mud Hub

We're in the middle, offering the right balance of value and features!

Focused on homeowners, communities and institutions, our greenhouse kits fill the gap of anyone looking for the best gardening experience without going commercial.

Industrial Kits

Great for growing crops, but not suitable for many gardening enthusiasts.

We wanted to bring features often enjoyed by professional growers to more people, from casual at-home gardeners to schools and small-scale farmers!