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Mud Hub Greenhouses endorses integrated pest management (IPM) in using one of three methods, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals that keep common garden pests from attacking plants and vegetables.

Cultural controls involves keeping rubbish out of the garden and plants healthy and well-nourished as a defense against attacks. Crop placement, in your gardens, also plays a role in keeping pests at bay.

Biological controls incorporate the use of beneficial predators to reduce the pest population. (Mud Hub Greenhouses come standard with a steel mesh cover that allows entry of ladybugs, for example, who love to eat aphids). It also helps to introduce certain flowers that will attract beneficial insects.

Mechanical & physical controls call for the physical removal of harmful insects when spotted or turning up soil and exposing harmful larva that can overwinter.

For a more detailed description of these techniques, there is a great article available, once again by New Mexico State University, at this link:

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