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The better way to do greenhouse
vegetable & herb gardening... homes, schools, farms and more!


Perfecting the gardening lifestyle.


What better way to educate students in our outdoor gardening classroom!


Low profile, high production approach to growing organic food and herbs.

Community Centers

Build stronger communities by introducing a teamwork philosophy to growing food.

Correctional Facilities

Giving occupants a new perspective on life, greater mental health and new career options.

Vegetable gardening and more made easy!

Greenhouse gardening reimagined

See how Mud Hub Kits are different!

Critter Control

Our greenhouses come standard with impermeable materials.

Steel hardware cloth and hex mesh cover come standard to keep moles, deer and rabbits from eating crops.

All Year Gardening

Grow vegetables all year with multiple covers

Standard hex mesh and optional 4-season poly film covers extend the growing season to year round.

Sunscreen Barrier

Featured on all models

Shade cloth performs as a sun screen to keep plants vibrant and reduce moisture evaporation in soil

Rich Organic Soil

Fill raised beds with rich organic soil

Add nutritional soil of your choice to raised beds for better result.

Wind Resistance

Available on four-season models


Raised beds for easy gardening

Our greenhouses are designed for comfort with the inclusion of 2′ high raised beds, limiting bending and reaching.

No Permits Needed

Speeds up installation

Our units are self-supporting and can be relocated to other sites.


Custom lengths available

Our greenhouses are amenable to size and feature modifications.

Compare us to Others

Bringing the best of budget and professional greenhouses on the market together into one amazing product!

Typical online kits

Low cost but often lacking in gardening essentials and quality.

Commonly lacking in the quality and features necessary to make successful gardening easy to get into, and installation options are limited.

Average cost – $1,000 to $5,000

Mud Hub kits

We're in the middle, offering the right balance of value and features!

Focused on homeowners, communities and institutions, our greenhouse kits fill the gap of anyone looking for the best gardening experience without going commercial.

Average cost – $5,000 to $10,000

Industrial kits

Suitable for large-scale and commercial farming but not for many enthusiasts.

We wanted to bring features often enjoyed by professional growers to more people, from casual at-home gardeners to schools and small-scale farmers!

Average cost – $50,000 to $500,000

What does it cost to make a greenhouse operational?

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We assemble the kit


Fill beds with soil and crops


Order online or by phone


We ship the kit


You pick up local materials


You assemble the kit


Fill beds with soil and crops


Order online or by phone


Connect with an installer


They pick up local materials


They assemble the kit


Fill beds with soil and crops

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