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Why Choose Community Gardening?

Community gardening offers unique opportunities to instill knowledge and skills in others while also fostering a love for growing things and an appreciation for nature’s bounty. From schools to inner-city areas and food deserts, community gardens inspire, enlighten, enliven, educate, and build a stronger sense of belonging.

“Many hands make light work” – and community gardens are excellent ways to teach teamwork and interdependence. Explore the interchange between the elements – sunlight, soil and nutrients, water, and air – that affect the fruits and vegetables you grow, as well as their impact on nutrition and human health.

From a co-op garden to school gardens, these incredible oases of life provide something that too many are missing today: a direct connection with nature and where our food comes from.

However, growing a community garden is about more than education and building life skills. It’s about community building, learning about nutrition beyond convenience foods and pre-packaged options. It’s also about providing those in need within the community with access to delicious, nutritious foods, whether that’s an inner-city neighborhood, a student body, or another group.

At Mud Hub Greenhouses, we help you build community through hands-on education while helping improve access to wholesome food for all.

Making the Most of a Community Greenhouse

Customer Stories

Community Gardens

Community Gardening

A Twist of Fate

In spring 2018, Mud Hub Greenhouses was asked by Westwind Landscaping, of Albuquerque,  to provide greenhouse components only & consultation. Westwind wanted to assemble one

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Gardening Resources

Mud Hub Goes to College

Mud Hub completed the installation of a pair of  12 x 20 greenhouses in Mineolia, Texas in August 2018. The owners are commercial aquaponics farmers,

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Johnson Greenhouse

Sean Mary Helen Johnson is an incredibly gifted artist and delightful person ( who lives in Santa Fe, NM. One can sense the breadth of

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Lowering Water Usage

High desert gardening with limited amounts of rainfall is challenging enough without periodic droughts. How we meet the challenge of helping our plants “up” can

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Gardening During Winter Months

Here is a link on how to keep busy outdoors in the garden this winter. Weeding, composting, mulching, dividing perennials, planting bulbs, preserving annuals, draining

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