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Community Gardening

with Mud Hub Greenhouses

Why Choose Community Gardening?

Community gardening offers unique opportunities to instill knowledge and skills in others while also fostering a love for growing things and an appreciation for nature’s bounty. From schools to inner-city areas and food deserts, community gardens inspire, enlighten, enliven, educate, and build a stronger sense of belonging.

“Many hands make light work” – and community gardens are excellent ways to teach teamwork and interdependence. Explore the interchange between the elements – sunlight, soil and nutrients, water, and air – that affect the fruits and vegetables you grow, as well as their impact on nutrition and human health.

From a co-op garden to school gardens, these incredible oases of life provide something that too many are missing today: a direct connection with nature and where our food comes from.

However, growing a community garden is about more than education and building life skills. It’s about community building, learning about nutrition beyond convenience foods and pre-packaged options. It’s also about providing those in need within the community with access to delicious, nutritious foods, whether that’s an inner-city neighborhood, a student body, or another group.

At Mud Hub Greenhouses, we help you build community through hands-on education while helping improve access to wholesome food for all.

Schools Who Bought Mud Hub Greenhouses

Polk Middle School

“Students at Polk Middle School in Albuquerque, NM experience agriculture education in a 24 x 40 greenhouse provided by Mud Hub Greenhouses. They are fully engaged in the growing process from seeding to transplanting seedlings to harvesting and preparing food for the table. Grants are available to schools desiring an outdoor classroom learning experience for their students.”

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