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Get approved. We list you on our website.

Clients are easy to work with.

Sell our kits, make a commission.

We offer a 10% commission on all Mud Hub greenhouse kits you sell. Just have your customer let us know you referred them and we will send you your commission!

Get hired to build our kits.

Our customers could be your customers when an order is made local to your area. You can also sell to your existing customer base to generate additional work.

No risk to the builder.

Our customers love our greenhouses, but will often want to customize them. Use your skills in building to generate more work after assembling their unit.

We do the marketing.

We handle all the marketing through our website, social media and more. Approved builders have available to them our official marketing packet to help them make sales as well to their existing customer base.

Designed for easy installation.

Our greenhouse kits are designed to be easily shipped and assembled. The Mud Hub assembly guide shows step by step how to do it!

Add your own custom touches.

Our customers love our greenhouses, but will often want to customize them afterwards. Use your skills to add additional custom touches like drip irrigation systems, lighting, sound, shelving, etc…

Short term filler projects.

Building our greenhouse kits takes 1-2 days. Easily fit these projects into your existing work schedule!

Shipped to the build location.

We handle the ordering and shipping, while you source materials best acquired locally, such as the lumber.

Mud Hub has your back.

Have questions or need help with your assembly? Mud Hub is always available to help our builder network with questions.

Promote sustainable living.

Promotes your company as a sustainable business and lends exposure for other possible work.

Your business, our products.

How you run your business and what you charge for an installation is between you and the customer. We simply supply the product and the support.

Our community welcomes you.

Our growing community offers their support, knowledge and experience through our online forum of Approved Builders and gardening enthusiasts.

Spec building with a unique product.

Spec Building. Predictable scope of work. Easy to plan. Reliable money.

Build on Mud Hub’s momentum in your area.

Since starting in 2016, our New Mexico-based business has seen rapid growth and now we’re seeking out builders, landscapers and handymen of all kinds to join our new nation-wide network of installers!

Our Approved Builder program seeks to make it easy for customers outside of our geographic area to have professional installation options. We reach a nation-wide audience, and we help builders in each state 

Our kits sell. Great opportunities await for builders throughout the USA to be featured as Approved Builders in your area!



Make $

Promote Sustainable Living.

People love our greenhouse kits!

Get known in your area as your local Mud Hub Approved builder!

Mud Hub itself only installs local to New Mexico. We ship our kits nation-wide, but our customers consistently want skilled help in their assembly. 

That’s where you come in!

Our Approved Builder program is targeted at offering installation of our greenhouse kits nation-wide by professional builders, landscapers or anyone with essential carpentry skills.

What Makes an Approved Builder?




Getting approved starts with talking to Mud Hub. Tell us about yourself, your background in building and why you think you’d be a good fit as a Mud Hub Approved Builder. After going through our vetting process, we’ll feature you on our website and can start sending work your way.

Being a Mud Hub Approved Builder gives you options. You can simply register and be on standby for work we send you, or we can help you actively with marketing our greenhouse kits in your area. Spread the word to your existing customer base and beyond. We’re here to help!

Interested in becoming Mud Hub Approved?

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