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Additional Components Needed

Found in most local hardware stores or lumber yards

  • Lumber (see assembly guide appendix for sizes and quantities).
  • Top rail purlins, 1.31” diameter x 10’-6” (see assembly guide appendix for sizes and quantities).
  • 1” x 10’ emt roll-up bar, 4-season units only (found in electrical section; see assembly guide appendix for quantities).
  • 1 ¼” single flange hooks (in electrical section)
  • Clear Sealer, Thompsons or equal
  • Galvanized drip edge, 1 ½” x 1 ¼” (comes in 10’ lengths) 
  • Hinges, latches, and handles for doors.
  • Fastener: screws, self-tapping, bugle heads, bolts, nuts, washers

 Found in most local hardware stores, lumber yards, or online

  • 6-mil polyethylene UV rated clear film ( 4-season units only ):,
  • Hardware cloth, ¼” or ½”, 48” wide:
  • Weed barrier, 48” wide: Local nursery, Home Depot, Lowes,
  • Raised bed interior liner, 4 mil minimum, 24” or 36” wide:
  • 36” x 80” wood screen door: (Kimberly Bay Elmwood natural pine), 
  • Acrylic panel to fit over screen door panel, 4-season units only* (Oversize by ¾” on each side of screened panel): Optix acrylic sheets available at Home Depot and Lowes or for 1/16” thick sheets, minimum.
  • Vinyl coated hex mesh:
  • Ratchet straps and d-rings, 4-season units only (see assembly guide for sizes and quantities):