About Mud Hub

Who We Are

Mud Hub Greenhouses make growing food easy & fun by putting you in control of your garden

Our Mission

Mud Hub Greenhouses is dedicated and always seeking ways to provide a durable protected garden environment for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers or vegetation in general. We expand the growing season by offering covers and features that meet all weather conditions year-round. 

Mud Hub’s service does not stop at selling greenhouses. 

As Master Gardeners, we serve as a valuable gardening resource for our clients and online visitors by providing useful materials related to all aspects of gardening, with the most up-to-date information we can find. 

Features & Benefits

Physical Benefits

Less strain on the body

  • Limited Bending & Reaching: 24" high raised beds allow for more comfort gardening.
  • Easy Access: Units are high enough to access thru a normal door, yet low enough to reach hanging plants.
  • Convenient Seating: Raised bed counters make it easy to pot and seed or just relax while enjoying the garden
  • Room To Move: Aisles allow a wheelbarrow to import compost

Gardening Benefits

Mud Hub Greenhouses improve chances of gardening success

  • Critter Exclusion: Vinyl coated steel hex mesh covers allow rainwater and beneficial predators to feed on harmful pests, while keeping rabbits, deer and household pets out of the garden. Hardware cloth at the base of the raised beds protects the garden from gophers, moles & groundhogs
  • Solar Protection: We use a hemmed knitted shade cloth to keep plants from frying under the midday sun, while lower evaporation and keeping the soil moist as long as possible
  • Soil Quality: Our 24" high raised beds contain your preferred soil mix to grow the freshest food you can find
  • Longer Growing Season = Greater Range of Crops: Our greenhouse covers make it possible to garden all year without taking them off. Change from winter to summer mode in less than 2 minutes
  • Drip Adaptable: Raised beds are the perfect place to ensure even water llow for better soil quality to grow your vegetables

Convenience (Permitting)

Buy-it, up it goes -- No permitting hassles

  • Units are self supporting. They do not require footings. As temporary structures that can be taken apart, moved, elongated or shortened. They do not require permitting in most municipalities. However, check with local HOA’s.

Durability / Value

Built to last. value driven materials and connectors have been selected to make Mud Hub Greenhouses, POUND FOR POUND, the most durable DETACHED greenhouses IN the INDUSTRY

  • Structural Integrity: Greenhouses are designed as one contiguous self-supporting unit. Raised beds act as an 'anchor', while galvanized steel hoops, purlins and struts are integrated to make & keep the greenhouses structurally sound
  • Wind resistant: Our standard 3-season vinyl coat steel mesh cover allows wind to blow through the unit & out. The winter polyethylene cover is tied at four corners & clamped to the end rafters.
  • Connectors: Mud Hub Greenhouses are strong at the weak points, where two structural members meet. We searched the country for the strongest & easiest to assemble with, around.
  • Form Follows Function: Hoops and purlins are strong enough to support another hanging garden in the greenhouse.
  • Roll-up Assembly: The 4-season roll-up of cranks, double-swivels connected by EMT conduit. They are made of thick gauge welded galvanized steel. The assembly allows for flexible movement when rolling poly covers up or down, secured in place where desired.
  • Low Maintenance: Beyond resealing wooden raised beds, as needed, units require very little or no maintenance.


Veggies love company. Doubles as an outdoor entertainment & dining venue for friends and family

  • Seating Atop Raised Beds
  • Aisle To Accommodate Dining
  • Ample Purlins & Rafters to Support Lighting and Sound
  • No Footings Required
  • Allows Rainwater To Enter, Not Critters
  • Wind Resistant
  • Optional Installation Included
  • One Stop Shopping:
    If you go online or even into stores, you'll notice that you can get some of the elements but not all that are available with one of our greenhouses. Most are in the business of selling components.

    Mud Hub Greenhouses give you a turn-key product, including installation, if one chooses. When comparing value, sum the total of what you might spend on separate items and see what makes us such a good value.

Adaptable for Aquaponics & Other grow systems

Our greenhouses swim with the fishes

  • Mud Hub Greenhouses easily adapt to aquaponics or hydroponic growing.

Why We're Different

Compare us to others!

No Footings = No Concrete

Our structures are self-supporting and do not need building permits. Interested parties should check with HOA’s for allowability before proceeding.

alt=Constructing a raised bed greenhouse without concrete footings
alt=Raised beds with square foot gardening for all seasons

Raised Beds

Raised beds are included in Mud Hub Greenhouse “Dine-In” kits, as a gardening aid and anchor to the structural system.

Rainwater Welcome/Critters Not

Mud Hub Greenhouses allow summer rains to nourish crops without removing a cover that also protects from rabbits, deer, squirrels and other creatures of the wild

alt=Environmental and sustainable protection again critters while letting rain water in
alt=Enjoying the fall harvest of vegetable and herbal crops

Built For Comfort

Raised beds are topped with sturdy benches to sit on, stand on and garden on. The ability to work, dine or entertain make Mud Hub Greenhouses the perfect outdoor space. 

Adaptable For All Seasons

Greenhouse covers easily transform your garden from summer to winter in 2 minutes

alt=All Season Greenhouse with Roll-Up cover
alt=Gardening with Vegetables, Hanging Plants and Flowers


Shade cloth overhead is a standard feature in all of our greenhouses to reduce the impact of mid-day evaporation on plants 

Compatible w/Alternative Growing Systems

The Mud Hub Greenhouse design lends flexibility when incorporating systems such as aquaponics & hydroponics 

alt=All-Season Greenhouses with shade cloth adaptable to organic growing systems

Success Stories

Mud Hub Goes to College

Mud Hub completed the installation of a pair of  12 x 20 greenhouses in Mineolia, Texas in August 2018. The owners are commercial aquaponics farmers, who adapted our greenhouses for their own use incorporating a variation of their aquaponics system. The project was successful and significant in that it was the first installation out-of-state for Mud Hub Greenhouses, demonstrating that unit components could be shipped to any site, regardless of location.

A Twist of Fate

 In spring 2018, Mud Hub Greenhouses was asked by Westwind Landscaping, of Albuquerque,  to provide greenhouse components only & consultation. Westwind wanted to assemble one of our 12 x 20 units themselves for Albuquerque Public School System’s Career Enrichment Center. 

We knew this was an imminent direction or step that had to be taken but had no idea how this was going to happen because we have always assembled units ourselves. Now we had to break it down in a format that others could understand and use. 

This project prompted the writing of our Assembly Guide, which surprisingly was useful to them. Westwind followed it almost to a ‘t’ and needed very few clarifications. Now we could assist others in constructing Mud Hub Greenhouses and open up an assortment of flexible pricing options.  

Birth of Mud Hub

Mud Hub Greenhouses officially began doing business the day a scale model was displayed on a vendor table at a growers market one Saturday morning in 2017. We weren’t sure about the outcome.

 So when people came by & asked what “those little herb garden kits” on the table were going for, we had to explain that they represented something bigger you could stand up in and grow vegetables, thus the challenge of offering something unexpected and new at a farmer’s market.  

Yes, the model garnered a lot of interest. But the excitement of being asked to visit several sites after market closing, can’t be described. People were actually interested in purchasing a garden originally just intended for personal use.

We’ve come a long way since assembling the first ones, but that’s another story. 

Mud Hub Founder

Rod Gesten

Gardening has been my passion. Good gardening is no accident; it needs effort, not a lot, just consistent. Gardeners understand this.

I decided to develop Mud Hub Greenhouse kits for gardeners who were as frustrated as I once was in trying grow under adverse conditions. The motivations for creating my own greenhouse were tied to the things keeping me from growing successfully: intense sunlight, wind, dry weather, poor soil, garden pests and critters. 

Now that it’s possible to grow the freshest food possible all year in a controlled environment, I would like others to experience the same.

alt=Lighting it up with Mud Hub Greenhouse Gardens

Rod Gesten, owner of Mud Hub Greenhouses, in front of his greenhouse at his home. Photo credit Luis Sanchez Saturno | The Santa Fe New Mexican.




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1 year warranty

Labor is warrantied for one year, barring hurricane force winds or natural disasters